Liza Boyarskaya no longer hide son

Лиза Боярская перестала скрывать сына

On the personal page of Elizabeth Boyar in the social network Instagram rarely seen photographs from the personal home archive. The actress shares with followers the pictures which can be labeled with the tag “#workers”. Personal life the daughter of D’artagnan was not accustomed to flaunt, and therefore carefully concealed from the prying eyes of the son born of the marriage with Maxim Matveev.

Probably, many would still not know how a boy looks like and who is similar, if not the wife of Benjamin Smekhova Galina Aksenova, which in his microblog published a photo with Mikhail Boyarsky, the Lisa, and her son, made after the premiere of performance “three sisters” and before leaving Lisa in Moscow.

Galina personally confirmed that the picture depicts the son of Boyarskaya and Matveev.

By the way, not so long ago, aunt Elizabeth spoke to the press on the subject of her personal life.

The woman told me that Lisa and Maxim want to expand their family and give birth to a second child, but if this is a girl, will further unite the couple. It should say that the son of acting couple succeeded: “Lisa and Maxim are not party people and all their free time tending to Andryushenka. He is a very clever boy. Advanced computers, tablets. Knows the capitals of all States of the country show on the map. Lisa and Maxim him quoting the classics — he may not understand everything, but something is delayed”.