Liza Boyarskaya lose weight with detox

Лиза Боярская худеет с помощью детокса
The actress is struggling with excess weight modern methods.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Though Liza Boyarskaya and not full-bodied, but the treacherous 1-2 kg periodically appear on the waist and other parts of the body. So you have to limit yourself to food and more exercise. This fall, the actress decided to try a trendy detox, especially because her friends are doing this business.

“They reminded me what to think about their health and appearance are important at any time of the year, says Elizabeth. — There are different detox programs: resistant to 3-5 days and not (for me!) — 1-2 days. Food consists of a variety of delicious juices, soups and amazing healthy sweets without flour, eggs and sugar”.

The fans hope that Lisa will then share their impressions of the days spent on the detox. On his usual diet Boyarsky recently told in interview to magazine “7 Days”. It turned out that to keep yourself in shape and not gain extra pounds, it helps healthy diet.

“I love the delicious but healthy food, she said. — For several years, both refused fast food, fatty and fried foods. Not because a nutritionist told herself at some point felt that it is unnatural, artificial food, and loving her. Now, instead of fries eat boiled or mashed potatoes. White bread, which is fattening, I prefer more useful — with all sorts of grains, grain. More important is not only the product itself, but the method of its preparation. When chop is literally drains the oil in which its fried, is so unappetizing! It is better to prepare the same piece on the grill or baked in the oven.”