Liza Boyarskaya has excited fans of erotic shots

Лиза Боярская взбудоражила поклонников эротическими кадрами The actress has surprised the public with unusual photographs, the author of the famous photographer Michael Tarasov. Liza seigniorial admitted that she enjoyed working with old friends. That, in turn, appreciated the skills of the stars.

32-year-old Lisa boyars has worked with the St. Petersburg photographer Mikhail Tarasov, specializing in candid images. In social networks there was footage of a star of theatre and film is depicted in a few bold images.

Apparently, the actress was pleased with the collaboration with Tarasov. Boyar has published one of the pictures in his microblog on which she is depicted half-turned to the camera. “I love to be in your lens!” – shared the star of social networks.

In turn, the photographer Boyar thanked for the joint work. Tarasov admitted that delighted with the talent of Lisa.

“This woman is pleasantly surprised me once again. At this time, remarkable to some, almost sudden sexuality. And inspired, and plunged into the abyss of confusion. Lisa is a classy lady. I deliberately don’t say “actress” as this for me is in second place and is only an ancillary check in the work and communication. And with each meeting she actress with the stage becoming more and more a real person – with flaws, pens, zausentsev and cracks. And it’s very cool, as indeed with any normal and interesting girl,” he shared on Instagram.

In recognition of Tarasov’s, he even had a dream involving Knights. “Tonight she came to me and said, “Misha, it is necessary to invest in bitcoins before it’s too late!” – says the man. Words Lisa was so surprised by the photographer that he woke up.

Social media users were delighted with the work of other Knights. In their opinion, Tarasova managed to convey the beauty of the actress. Many also left Lisa compliments. “Peerless”, “Simply divine”, “Crazy”, “What kind of person…”, “to Say that I love it, it’s just nothing to say,” – commented the fans of the actress.

Controversial blogger Lena Miro left side of the photo shoot, which was attended by Lisa boyars. The Internet star left a post in his LiveJournal, which usually criticized a famous person. Miro questioned the acting ability of the Boyar. According to Lena, the actress had “nothing to say”.

“That’s Liza Boyarskaya, this actress, tired of trying to impress the audience with his “talent”, appeared Nude. The photographer said: “Lisa is a classy lady. I deliberately don’t say “actress” as this for me is in second place.” Unfortunately, Lisa was limited to half-measures. Instead of having to dump all the benefits, it showed them only the photographer. (…) I don’t know how to react Lisa close to her naked in front of a photographer, but they would still it is worth considering what to do next,” – says the blogger.

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