Liza Arzamasova was the highest monument in the world

Лиза Арзамасова оказалась на самом высоком монументе в мире
While traveling in Mongolia the actress was expecting an extreme adventure.

Liza Arzamasova in Mongolia

Photo: Instagram Lisa Arzamasova

Together with other famous artists Lisa Arzamasova became a member
Russian film festival in Mongolia. Moving from town to town, stars
amazed at the endless steppes and the magnificent views, the beauty of which is impossible
no words can describe.

Arzamasova and her friends saw different colorful places
acquainted with traditions and lifestyle of the residents of Mongolia. But the strongest
experience the actress stayed when members of the Russian delegation suggested
climb to the observation deck, which is located in the highest in the world
equestrian monument at a height of almost 40 meters.

Statue of Genghis Khan located 54 km from the capital of Mongolia. It
one of the many monuments of the Khan, who, according to legend, found in these
the edges of his gold whip. A distinctive feature of the monument is an observation deck, which leads straight from the horse’s head.

This year Lisa has Arzamasova was already a lot of extreme
adventures, including those associated with altitude. Recently, the actress managed to fly
in a hot air balloon. Moreover, in the company of close friends with whom she
arrived in Mongolia.