Liza Arzamasova in the summer declined from cosmetics

Лиза Арзамасова на лето отказалась от косметики
The actress revealed their beauty secrets.

“At home or in the hotel room every morning do exercises — complete the set: squats, pushups, stretching. Definitely the music!”

Photo: Yury Feklistov

actress Lisa Arzamasova, which always boasts a fresh look and
natural beauty, admitted that in the hottest time of the year she tries,
opportunities to abandon cosmetics.

“In the summer
my purse is almost nothing left! Especially in the happy moments of departure
to the country or the sea, says Lisa. — Of course, all of us girls apply makeup
even in the summer — for work or for beautiful photos, but in suburban and
marine recreation is so nice to give the skin a rest! Take only
sunscreen and moisturizing lotion or moisturizing cream is the easiest
texture. And still waiting for country “cosmetic products”, but that’s later
mask of strawberries from the garden or from the cucumber. It’s great! Can put in the bag
Korean face mask, especially if you have to go on the road”.

makeup can truly be called a new favorite Russian celebrities.
Many admit that in the infinite flights. imagine living
without masks produced in this country.

“I don’t know
exactly what is included in their composition, I’m no expert, but they are great to freshen up the face,
— shares Arzamasova. — These masks are always very convenient for travel and
moving packing: light, sealed bags. They can be used
in between times, even on the plane, if not afraid to scare others. One of my
the most popular mask with aloe and wheat. Instantly refreshes and gives
very good complexion. Also use a wonderful little mask under
eyes: after use, immediately awake and fresh look. With them I sometimes
from home going to work!”

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