Liya Akhedzhakova is struggling with the Internet scams

Лия Ахеджакова борется с интернет-мошенниками Detractors are the page in “Twitter” on behalf of the people’s artist of Russia. Liya Akhedzhakova is going to write a letter to Roskomnadzor. She is outraged that the attackers write provocative statements of a political nature.

      Лия Ахеджакова борется с интернет-мошенниками

      Last Friday brought a 77-year-old star of “the Office romance” bad news. The artist learned that from her face crooks blog on the social network Twitter, posting provocative posts of a political nature.

      “When I saw that I am supposed to write on this page, I have a little heart attack did not happen, – complains Leah Medzhidovna. – I put a crazy supporting ISIS! Though I’m eager to see his mother, a soldier from Ukraine Hope Savchenko… This is not people do, but the real bastards! I know whose hands this work – shit out of my face I write bots from Holguin. Yes I can travel abroad to become!”

      Perturbed Akhedzhakova did not idle, and turned to a lawyer friend and security expert of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

      “I also called the friend of the journalist, he put me in contact with the operating specialist, he is already to start to act soon, supposedly my “Twitter” shut down”, – said the actress.

      Also the actress is planning to write a letter to Roskomnadzor for violation of their rights.

      “The people who do this are insane,” says Leah Medzhidovna. But according to our laws for such things, I am unable to get the article. That’s scary! Shame on them to poison me, old man! I don’t understand why they targeted me!”

      The artist notes that this is not the first attempt at political provocation to it. Twice ill-wishers have created fake accounts, thereby trying to tarnish the reputation of a celebrity.

      Also from the illegal actions of online fraud have suffered the host of the television show “animal world” 78-year-old Nikolay Nikolaevich Drozdov. The attackers created a page in Facebook stars. “Why would they do that, it is not clear,” says Drozdov. – So I’m suspicious to all these social networks, especially facebook, which I call the fake-book. I don’t understand why people sit there where anyone can steal your pics and write from your own person stuff…”

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