Живая Барби впервые рассказала о своей пластике

The girl once again said he does not like being compared to a doll.

Living Barbie is already known throughout Russia, Ukraine and even China. Valeria Lukyanova in dreams to conquer the whole world turned its appearance in puppet: an incredibly thin waist, curvy chest and hips, large eyes, lips and blond hair.

However, she is offended by Valeria stamp doll and constantly proves that she is not Barbie, just a beautiful girl.

“It’s funny and sad that worldwide, particularly in China, know me as Barbie. Tin. Greeted me everywhere with this image, though I will be pleased. They really think it’s my way,” shares his thoughts with the fans of Valeria.

However, thanks to its plastic surgery and appearance Lukyanova became a star. Recently the most famous Barbie gave an honest interview on American television.

Valery said that in 14 years her appearance has not changed anything except shapes and hair colors. “Well, I think that if that will require my body, I’m not against surgery, but I don’t know what would. People know about me is that I did a bunch of operations to create a puppet appearance. They are unaware that the appearance is only a reflection of the inner world… the biggest misconception people have – that they appreciate me only on external qualities. I don’t think I look like Barbie. I look like a chic girl!” “the girl said in an interview.

Valeria admitted that every day spends half an hour on makeup and hair, going to learn to sing in Spanish and continue his career as a DJ.

By the way, the reason for the interview began shooting Hollywood horror movie called “Doll”, where Valeria will play the murderer.

By the way, many experts scratching their heads: the operation or quality of the retouched photos? According to Valerie, to the surgeons it asked only for a big bust. Taking pictures of yourself girl forbids only the “quality” of the photo shoot to post online. Lukyanova claims that her beauty is the result of his own work on body and makeup. And oddly enough, the girl’s husband is not Ken, and Ukrainian businessman.

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