Livanov told about the true causes of quarrels with Golubkina

Ливанов рассказал об истинных причинах ссор с Голубкиной A man complained to the complex nature of the lady. According to Boris Livanov, he and Maria Golubkina often argue for the lead in the relationship, causing conflict. Despite this, the lovers always manage to find the path to reconciliation.
Ливанов рассказал об истинных причинах ссор с Голубкиной

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov is considered to be one of the most controversial couples of domestic show-business. Lovers for a few months going to get married, but the ceremony has been postponed because of fighting and appearing rumors about the separation. The chosen actress does not deny that sometimes it is sorely difficult to find a common language. In an interview for the program “a Perfect repair”, he told me about the main cause of conflict in their couple.

“We have a very complex character. We see each other, communicate, then we start to argue for leadership. This struggle of matriarchy and Patriarchy. After that, we block each other everywhere. Few weeks retreat, and everything repeats in a circle,” said Livanov.

The man said that they really filed an application to the Registrar, but not yet ready to officially register the relationship.

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov went to the registry office for the sake of laughter

Maria Golubkina, in whose Studio apartment doing repairs project experts, also commented on the status of the relationship with a lover. According to the actress, that Boris is the very Prince she was waiting for so long.

“I knew exactly what you don’t want to get out of a relationship. But had no idea what I really needed. Now we are Dating, but live separately. I live with my mom, he with dad. See each other like teenagers on a bench near the house”, – told Golubkina.
Ливанов рассказал об истинных причинах ссор с Голубкиной

Maria does not deny that painful going through a divorce with Nikolay Fomenko. After the breakup she still could not find happiness in his personal life. But now, according to most Actresses, she is happy with the development of relations with Livanov.

The mother of the stars Larisa Golubkina declined to comment on the personal life of his daughter. According to the celebrated artist, the parents should not interfere in the relationship of children to approve or condemn their choices.

“I know that Boris together with Masha was on my show, for which many thanks to him. However, I’m not going to talk about it. Let it makes my daughter if I want to,” said Larisa Golubkina.

The main heroine of the program “a Perfect repair” was left in awe of the design decisions of the project specialists. The apartment was bright and cozy, which was like Mary. The star moved into this dwelling, because the old house where she lived with the children of her oppressors. “My offspring has grown, and there without them was extremely lonely,” recalls Golubkina.

Now the actress often touring acts with performances in different cities of Russia. She stressed that a modern apartment can not only relax after a hard Rabih everyday life, but also to build privacy.