Лив Тайлер показала новорожденную дочь Hollywood actress recently became a mother for the third time. Liv Tyler gave birth to a girl named Lula. Artist and lover extremely happy that they had a second child.

      A little over a week ago, Hollywood actress Liv Tyler has become a mum for the third time. Her lover Dave Gardner the actress gave birth to a daughter. She was given the name Lula rose. Celebrity overwhelmed with joyful feelings of motherhood, and she shares her emotions with many fans. Liv has published on his page in the microblog touching photo. The actress took a selfie with the baby on hands. Newborn Lulu slept peacefully on the bosom of its mother. Unlike many celebrities who try to protect children from prying eyes, Tyler did not hide her daughter’s face. This picture taken just a couple of hours won tens of thousands of “likes” and hundreds of enthusiastic comments.

      Fans continued to congratulate the famed actress and wish health to the baby and of course mom. They were endlessly happy that Liv is pleased to share with them their important moments of life. That the actress gave birth to her third child, also became known from the social network. Tyler published the daughter of Lula with his father.

      “She’s incredibly beautiful and healthy, thank God, like my mother,” commented Dave first photo with her daughter in her arms.

      Tyler and Gardner bring up another child, the son of a sailor. The boy was born a little over a year ago – in February 2015. The baby was born a little prematurely, but because some time Liv with a newborn remained under medical supervision. Only after doctors confirmed that the boy’s life is not in danger, a mother and her child quietly went home.

      Liv and Dave also have children from previous marriages – sons Milo and grey. Now the boys finally have a sister.

      Despite the fact that the couple already has two children together, fans have been waiting for the wedding ceremony of the famous actress. The lovers are in a relationship for two years. Last year, Liv and Dave got engaged, but date of marriage has not yet been announced.

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