Лив Тайлер показала первое фото новорожденной дочки
The actress became a mother of many children.

Лив Тайлер показала первое фото новорожденной дочки

Liv Tyler with her husband Dave Gardner

Photo: @misslivalittle Instagram Liv Tyler

Just a couple of days ago, a pregnant Liv Tyler
walked the streets of new York city and dreamed about the impending marriage with his father
child Dave Gardner. And now yesterday
in the evening she posted to Instagram a photo of his newly-born daughter, and
at the same time and announced the name of the newborn! “Hi everybody! Our beautiful baby already
here, with us! Lula rose Gardner, we are so
happy, our hearts just burst with love for you. And Gardner, in their
turn, added: “This is Lula
Rose, incredible beautiful, absolutely
healthy and look so much like your mother!”

That Liv is pregnant again, the actress said in a
microblog in January of this year, writing: “Oh my God, it looks like the stork will visit
us again. My stomach is growing another little Gardner. Our family
increases, I feel such a sense of gratitude!”

Daughter Liv Tyler — Lula

Photo: @misslivalittle Instagram Liv Tyler

And shortly before birth Tyler admitted that although she is glad that the bears another child, it is not easy. “I’m pregnant for the second year in a row. It’s very long, it seems to me that it’s been forever!” Interestingly, when the actress gave birth to her previous child Sailor in her delivery room had gathered a large company, including his half-sister, MIA, and their father, musician Steven Tyler. As told then the actress, it was Stephen she was entrusted with the honour to cut the cord…

With the birth of the baby Lula actress has become a large mum. 11-year-old Milo she gave birth in her first marriage to Royston Langdon. A 16-month-old Sailor, and Lula – the son of a Gardner. As for David, he also has a child from his ex-wife Davina Taylor – 8-year-old gray.

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