Little daughter Victoria Raydos becomes the star’s Instagram

Маленькая дочь Виктории Райдос становится звездой «Инстаграма» The winner of last season of “Battle of psychics”, registered Cook in the popular social network. At the moment, the family Raydos is on holiday in Thailand. The little girl’s mother decided that the heiress should have your own account with pictures, so a few days ago the social network appeared user dochraidos.

      The sixteenth winner of “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos moved with his family to the ocean. During the week the woman, her husband and their little daughter Barbara, enjoy your stay in Thailand. To the surprise of fans of the witch, she not only shares photos with the beach in his microblog, but also created a separate account for my daughter.

      Yet on the page of the barbarians in the social network posted only four images: her trip to Finland and three frames from Phuket. On “Instagram” girls already signed up more than 320 people. Fans Raydos praise four-year-old girl. “So cute, little”, “Victoria, my daughter your eyes – so deep”, “adult”, “mother’s eyes”, “the Competition is by likes with Mammy began!”, “Mother’s copy”, – wrote the user social network on the page of the barbarians.

      Victoria is glad that she finally managed to escape on vacation with my family. The witch shared his emotions on the social network.”A time for which to live. Travel/family/freedom. Live today!”, – said the winner of the sixteenth “the battle of psychics”, uploading a picture with her husband and daughter.

      Earlier Raydos tried to hide his daughter to protect the child from unwanted attention from strangers. In particular, while participating in “Battle of psychics” Victoria didn’t tell a lot of leading and the audience about his family. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the leader of the sixteenth season of the project shared that, at the time, her husband had to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend has some magical powers.

      Victoria Raydos: “After what happened in my life, hurts I will not be”

      “Deep to put in my family I don’t want to. With my husband we met through my friend. But before to build some kind of relationship, we need time to address issues related to the lives of each individual. It was not easy. He took my ability immediately, but first took it seriously. Or rather didn’t understand how serious this is in my life. As soon as he realized the extent of the presence of magic in my life, it’s getting harder to accept it, but at the same time it has strengthened our relationship and heightened love,” said Raydos.