Little daughter of the grooves compared with the English Queen

Маленькую дочь Навки сравнили с английской королевой Daughter Tatiana Navka is growing very fashionable. Athlete doted in his little heiress, and never tires to confess her love. The video with the participation of little Nadia, a little girl walks to the song from the film “Pretty woman.

      Маленькую дочь Навки сравнили с английской королевой

      The subscribers page athletes on Instagram was impressed after I saw a fun video with one-year-old Nadia is the daughter of Tatiana Navka and development (OECD). In late August of this year she will be two years. Baby is growing by leaps and bounds, delighting their famous parents. Tatiana posted the video in popular social networks, signing him a few emoticons in the form of hearts, as well as moving men. On the record little Nadia walks in a red jacket and hat to match. As the background Tatiana put the Roy Orbison song “Oh Pretty Woman” from the movie “Pretty woman.”

      Users of social networks called the younger heiress of the grooves “fashionistas” and “pretty woman.” The choice of the outfit was endorsed by many and wished Tatiana and her family happiness and prosperity. “This Madame,” “lady in red”, “Pretty”, “Quick as a mother”, “Perfect color”, “Berry-raspberry”, “Lady in red” — written by fans of the athletes. Interestingly, one of them the way Navka Jr. recalled the style of Queen Elizabeth II who is a fan of bright solutions and often uses red, turquoise, yellow and other bright colors in her wardrobe. Others seemed as if Nadia looks just like little Red riding hood from the fairy tales of Charles Perrault.

      Video posted by Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) APR 27, 2016 at 6:28 PDT

      Tatiana Navka not very often shares photos of a younger daughter in social networks and prefers to hide her face. Since the advent of Nadi light on Tatiana posted on Instagram just a few photos of the heiress, so that the appearance of each of them can be considered an event. Recently Navka had a rest together with the child and his sister Natalie in the Dominican Republic. Nadia combines the athlete is signed: “Someone lights a candle, someone the stars… And someone lights the eyes of others happiness”.

      Apparently, Navka is very happily married and adores his younger child. Earlier in his interview with the athlete called his acquaintance with the beloved “miracle”. She also has long concealed his name from the public.

      Recall that Nadia was born in August 2014, in one of clinics of Moscow. Tatyana spent the first months of pregnancy in Italy, but the bear decided, unlike many celebrities in Russia.

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