Little daughter of Sergey Bezrukov went with him on tour

Маленькая дочь Сергея Безрукова отправилась с ним на гастроли The artist went to Germany with a one-man show “life, theatre, and film.” The company famous actor made his closest people – the Director Anna matison and charming heir to Maria, who in December was five months.

      Sergey Bezrukov – the father of a beautiful girl named Maria, who is still there six months. Not to break up with her for a long time, the artist decided to take her with him on tour. Sergey with pleasure walks with a child on the streets of a town in Germany where there are no annoying paparazzi. In this country now, everyone is preparing for one of the major holidays of the year – Christmas. Therefore, the streets and boulevards of Hanover burn the bright lights, and local residents bought gifts for family at thematic fairs.

      “Germany, Hanover. Tomorrow at eight one-man show “life, theatre, and film”… First tour with Mary! Goodbye, my dear, good!” – this post the actor made in his microblog the day before the show performances.

      Fans of the doctor found that he was a wonderful father. They also wished the star all the success, and his family health and happiness. “What a beauty!”, “Oh, how great that you went along with the family,” “Welcome to Germany”, “Wow, what are you well done”, “Happy daddy”, “Photo radiates so much heat”, “standing ovation to you”, “Let Mary grow to the delight of parents”, “Japan Masha saw, and now Germany look”, “Sergei, you are so wonderful, I am very happy for you”, “Great stay in Hanover,” was discussed by the fans.

      Some members of the actor have also found that Masha repeats the fate of his father, after all, and Sergey grew up in a theatrical film family. By the way, before Mary made the company famous parents during their visit to Japan. A few months after the birth of her daughter, the actor and his wife Anna matison went to Tokyo international film festival. The picture of the lady artist called “After you”, in which he played a major role, entered the competitive program and was very warmly received abroad. “Interest in us is awesome!.. How many flattering words about the film and about my role! Read the reviews on the Internet” – shared Bezrukov in social networks.

      The pair later admitted to journalists that specifically lived on Moscow time, so as not to knock Mache mode. While abroad, Sergey and Anna with pleasure got acquainted with the local customs and culture. So, the stars visited the Tokyo tower and temple, Zojoji where Quentin Tarantino filmed one of the episodes of the painting “Kill bill”.