Маленькая дочь Дениса Мацуева удивляет папу необычными способностями The pianist talked about his successor Anne. According to the musician, the girl is a real Prodigy. She was born in October 2016, but is already exploring a classic piece of music and knows how to conduct.

Dmitry Matsuev rarely advertise privacy. A little over a year ago, the pianist first became a father. The wife of a musician, a prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre and honoured artist of Russia Ekaterina Shipulina gave birth to his daughter Anna. Denis told that his successor in polutorogodovalogo age already loves classical piece, and easily conducts.

“Your child is actually a miracle. I regret that I have so much work, and I have not been able to spend more time. I’ve never cancelled any concert, however, communicate with Anna Denisovna by means of modern devices. Every meeting with her is a volcano of emotions,” said Denis.

According to the musician, the daughter from birth, fell in love with classical music. “She was just a month when she was frozen with Stravinsky. She is now a year and three. To observe how the child develops is very interesting,” – said Denis.

Matsuev noted that the education of the daughter he and Catherine get help from their parents. “We have wonderful grandparents. It is impossible to explain in words how much they love Anna Denisovna. I for example can tell you that being a parent is one feeling. But when grandchildren appear, there is already a different kind of love. Grandma and grandpa are buying all the baby stuff when we arrive in a new country, the first thing to run to the store”, – said Matsuev.

Denis admitted that becoming a father at forty years. The long-awaited birth of the daughter has completely changed his life and Outlook. According to the musician, he doesn’t feel his age. The only thing he regrets pianist that did not know the joy of fatherhood before.

“I play the piano, and it begins in time to conduct! What? It is now fashionable to be a female conductor,” shared Dennis.

Matsuev noted that the emotion of the birth of the first born in forty years it is difficult to convey in words. However, he did not intend to leave the scene. For a pianist performances before the audience an integral part of his life.

“I have every day flights every day concert! The scene is for me the most magical place on earth. I give myself to people, and in return you get a fantastic stream. He treats me real boost of energy, which you” – said Matsuev.