Little beauty-the daughter of Ekaterina Klimova touched by fans

Маленькая красавица-дочь Екатерины Климовой умилила поклонников
The actress published a rare shot to the Network.

Ekaterina Klimova with daughter Bella

Ekaterina Klimova rarely pleases fans of photos of his youngest daughter. But the other day the artist decided to change life and showed the face of the almost two year-old Bella.

Many of the fans of Catherine got involved after publication in the debate about who is more like little Bella: dad or mom? “What a sweet girl! Look like dad”, “Nasecki, how cute! Definitely like mom”, “No matter whom similar thing that grows in such a wonderful family,” write Klimova.

Recall that Catherine is a mother of four children, the youngest of whom is less than two years. While it retains the incredible physical shape and he’s always at 100. She communicates with your ex-husbands. On 1 September, the actress spent in school their daughter Elizabeth, and sons Matthew and Corneille together with llya Horoshilovym and Igor Petrenko.