Список Виторгана: 5 фильмов, которые стоит посмотреть

Husband of Ksenia Sobchak has shared his impressions of viewed films, and his fans are trying in his review to understand the inner world of the actor.

Can the preferences in the movie to understand the character of a person? Fans Vitorgan believe that Yes. After each of his review of the movie they say that now everything is clear to him. Like, what type of women he likes, what issues concern. Woman’s Day has compiled a list of five paintings, the recommended Maxim Vitorgan, which will help you get to know him.

“The private lives of Pippa Lee”

About movie: the main character is a woman, causing the admiration, the beautiful and hospitable hostess, devoted wife and caring mother. She is married to a well-known publisher herb Lee, a man thirty years her senior, and quite happily married. But as it turns out, Pippa has not always been an exemplary housewife. Being younger, she led a merry life, not disdaining booze, drugs and casual erotic adventures.

What he thinks about this film Vitorgan:

“Yesterday, by accident, showed it to one girl that wife of his call. What a wonderful, not to say perfect, film. If you haven’t, then do it. Especially if you are a woman. And doubly especially if you’re a woman, leaving a resentful comment in my Instagram. Just put her husband and children to sleep and sit down and watch this movie. And let you will be happy. Quiet happiness in the night.


About movie: Dalton TRUMBO (played by Bryan Cranston and obtained for this role “Oscar”), one of the most successful Hollywood writers, the author of “Roman holiday” and “Spartacus”, did not know that blacklist the “Hollywood 10” really exists, until he got there and was not permanently thrown out of the life of the dream factory…

What he thinks about this film Vitorgan:

“Very interesting because this is the real story. America, McCarthyism, witch-hunt”, Hollywood… a Paranoid search for national traitors, foreign agents… well, a very hot topic… for America of the 50s. what do you think?”

“My king”

About movie: met Tony at a party with Giorgio, and a slight fascination turns into a real passion. Ten years of all-consuming love, full of absolute happiness and blinding jealousy. Once alone, Tony returned to a Giorgio. Who was this man? Who she became around him? Tony has a long work that will heal the soul and soften the heart.

What he thinks about this film Vitorgan:

“If you haven’t seen “My king” is a wonderful movie. Emmanuel Berko prize for best actress in Cannes, and Vincent Cassel without this prize, but absolutely incredible. Strongly, in short”.

“Big splash” and “Destruction”

What these movies: the Heroes of the “Big splash” rock star Marianne lane and her boyfriend enjoy themselves in the South of Italy. Island idyll couples violates visit Harry’s former lover, Marianne, and his adult daughter. Frivolous game, an innocent flirtation, passion and all-consuming jealousy will turn to the heroes of deadly danger.

In the “Destruction” of the hero Jake Gyllenhaal his wife dies, but for some reason he does not feel bitter from the loss. Davis begins to write long letters to service vending machines firm, where in addition to the complaints about broken camera talking about himself and about the relationship with the deceased wife.

What he thinks about them Vitorgan:

“Fine acting work. Tilde Suiton, rife Fiennes take in the company of great actors Jake Gylenhall. After the “Stringer” and “Destruction” he’s definitely your.

“Splash,” and “Destruction” seemed to me movies are very good, even visually, aesthetically, but it is very rational and really properly designed. And this, I may have personally caused no emotional response. Although, again, like them all on the spot and at a high level.”

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