Lisa’s mom the Sand tried to stop bullying daughter

Мама Лизы Песковой попыталась остановить травлю дочери The successor policy was criticized in the Network. Lisa Peskov visited the shipyard in Sevastopol and urged the younger generation to get to work on the company. Many users condemned the girl for such a proposal, arguing that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because she never needed it.
Мама Лизы Песковой попыталась остановить травлю дочери

A few days ago the daughter of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Lisa made a trip to Sevastopol. During a visit to the city-hero of the successor policy, visited the shipyard “South Sevastopol”, which is one of the largest enterprises on repair, modernization and conversion of ships of all types and classes.

As she said in microblogging, at the meeting with the management and plant workers discussed the problems of personnel issues, particularly the need to attract young professionals. Besides, Peskov joined the discussion on the modernization of the industry.

“I am impressed by the diversity of nature, beauty of people’s souls, suffering for their job and love their land, the unique geographical location of the region with all the ensuing potential opportunities,” said Lisa on the personal page in a social network.

Her post caused a mixed reaction from subscribers. Many have criticized the girl for what she went to the factory in a magnificent dress, which she previously presented in the fashion house Aishat Kadyrova. Part of the social network users believe that Lisa should try to work at the plant, to understand how this is hard work.

Seeing the persecution of the successor of the social network, her mother Catherine Solotsinsky turned to the spiteful critics. According to her, nobody has the right to judge Lisa.

“What has she done wrong? Solved the problem of the plant and helped working-class families, retained earnings? And what did you, sitting on your couch? Trashed unfamiliar person,” the woman writes in the letter.

According to the mother, Lisa still didn’t understand some of the issues and her lack of experience. The student was difficult to respond to the haters and excuses for wording.

“How you amused for a discussion of what she doesn’t know the difference between justice and shipbuilding — and how many of you knew it before yesterday? How many of you can discuss this topic in front of a crowd of journalists and cameras? Its task is not to understand why a heavy steel ship floats, but to draw attention to the problems of those in power to solve them,” continued Catherine.

Ex-wife Peskov advised more people to pay attention to their education and not to judge a girl whom they don’t personally know.