Lisa rinna has changed her hairstyle for the first twenty years

Лиза Ринна поменяла причёску первые за двадцать лет

There are women willing to change her hairstyle daily, and there are those hardcore conservatives who are willing to stay in the same way for decades. Actress and TV presenter Lisa rinna belongs to the latter caste.

Лиза Ринна поменяла причёску первые за двадцать лет

New Lisa Rinna

For the first twenty years, the actress has decided to change his style. On his page in the social network Lisa has published his photos, which surprised many of his fans.

So we knew Lisa Rinna during the last 20 years

“I’ve always wanted to try something new. You know, I haven’t changed my hair for twenty years, and I thought “Why not?”. And I really like my new haircut. Really” said rinna, one of the guests in the Studio to broadcast his show.

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