Lisa Peskov hinted at a passionate affair with a young businessman

Лиза Пескова намекнула на страстный роман с молодым бизнесменом The heiress of the famous family shared a joint picture with a foreigner. Social media users suggested that Lisa Peskov Dating French entrepreneur Louis Wildberger. Young people do not hide their feelings for each other.
Лиза Пескова намекнула на страстный роман с молодым бизнесменом

Apparently, 19-year-old Lisa Peskov twisted new novel. The girl published a photo in Instagram on which she was captured along with the French entrepreneur Louis Wildberger. The young man is the founder of Tazer Lighter, specializing in the sale of electric lighters.

In the picture that provoked lively discussions in the Network, Lisa gently kisses Louis. Young people look very happy. The girl chose not to comment touching the frame, giving followers a space for reflection. Many of them decided that Peskov showed new chosen one. “Keep it up”, “Beautiful couple”, “Love you. Sincere and honest,” wrote in the comments of the post Lisa.

Лиза Пескова намекнула на страстный роман с молодым бизнесменом

In the microblog Louis Valdberg you can also find pictures of the alleged mistress. The young people went together to the Cannes film festival and posed for photographers. Lisa Peskov shone on the red carpet in dress with an open back, while her companion opted for the release of the classic suit. Businessman complements your look stylish sunglasses.

Лиза Пескова намекнула на страстный роман с молодым бизнесменом

It is possible that the daughter of the press Secretary of the President of Russia met with Louis Waldburger in the workplace. This summer, Lisa began her career in the company “Avanti”, which is engaged in the development and support of youth entrepreneurship. At the end of June, the girl and Louis Waldberg met with President Rahman Anakulam.

“We talked about the development of the young French brand on the Russian market and in General about youth entrepreneurship! We wish Louis much success in Russia!” – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Recall that two years ago, Lisa Peskov announced her engagement with her lover, Yury Meshcheryakov. Young people were among the guests of the Tatler ball, where he was quick to share important news with the public. However, before the wedding it never came. After some time the girl was removed from the microblog pictures with the guy. Now fans of Lisa the Sand I hope that she will find happiness with Louis Wildberger.