Лиза Пескова осудила обидчиков жены президента Франции Blogger have reflected on the age difference between spouses. According to Lisa Sand, self-sufficient and educated people do not pay attention to the reasoning of ordinary people. The girl said that sometimes a strong woman at the age of can give odds to any 20-year-old beauty.

The last two weeks are very hectic time for people in France. They collected signatures against the official status of the first lady the President’s wife Bridget macron. As a result, representatives of the Elysee Palace was forced to make concessions to the majority of the local population. However, the discussion of the choice of the President, which is older than her husband by almost 25 years, don’t stop. Bridget Makron is like under the microscope – all concerned with what she wears and how she behaves.

Recently, the blogger and daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Peskov Lisa decided to intervene in the persecution of France’s first lady. She wrote a column for the online publication, which talked about the age difference between spouses. Speaking on the topic thrilling for many, the successor of the famous names cited several examples of culture and history, including the French king Henry the Second and Diane de Poitiers, Catherine the great and her favorites, Salvador Dali and Galina Dyakonov, as well as Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness.

Age of love: what is behind the relationship of Emmanuel Macron 64-year-old wife

“There is nothing more primitive, than to judge the relationship between two people based on their age. Unless the figures in the passport matter? What is important is how the man himself feels. As we meet a lot of young old people in 25 years, tired of life and nothing interesting, and how much to eat the young at heart 70-, 80-year-old “Oldies”, – summarized it.

Continuing to reflect on the “unequal” from the point of view of the contentious marriages, Lisa remembered about the relationship of a foreign head of state and his darling. The girl expressed admiration for the second half of Emmanuel Macron. According to Sand, the first lady of France have much in common with other strong, educated and independent women whose names she cited in my column.

“Someone has to be trashed, and someone will think: “Mini studs, perfect figure, hairstyle, manicure and husband is the youngest President of France!” (…) Few are able to piss more and more seriousa in our time of masses, realizing that most obstacles simply does not exist,” said Lisa.

According to the Sand, sometimes the women can give a handicap to a 20-year-old beauties with perfect body and stunning skin. “There are some 60 striking energy, appearance and evoke desire and admiration,” said the girl “Newspaper.Ru”. Lisa believes that in today’s world you need or follow the majority opinion and try to meet the standards imposed by society, or to live their own lives.