Lisa Peskov brought out the grown up brother

Лиза Пескова вывела в свет возмужавшего брата 23 October in the capital, Gostiny Dvor took place the closing ceremony of the Volvo fashion Week. On the last day of his new collection presented designer Yulia Yanina. The ad called for Catherine, Lisa and mica, Sand and many other fans of the famous brand.

      18-year-old Lisa Peskov lives and studies in Paris, but recently the girl visited the Volvo fashion Week in Moscow. It was the debut of her 12-year-old brother Mickey. Along with her mum Catherine, they visited the show designer Yulia Yanina presented new haute couture collection. “The first night out Mika”, – said the woman in her Instagram.

      Followers of Catherine congratulated her on such an important event and noted that the regiment eligible bachelors arrived. Some of them jokingly called him a secular lion.

      It should be noted that Catherine and her daughter, looked terrific. They were dressed in the same style: Lisa chose a black dress, decorated with lace, and her mother – a dark velvet dress decorated with traditional Russian ornament. Most users of social networks found that they look the same age. “Look great together, like sisters,” “What, all beautiful and stylish”, “Dresses – just a dream”, “did Not immediately realize who is sitting next to you”, – expressed his opinion the members of Catherine and Lisa.

      Lisa, Catherine and Mickey Sand, closing fashion Week also called for Irina, Inga, Sophia and Arina Meladze, Elena Temnikova, Stefania Malikov, Alexander Savelyev, Natalia Bardo and many others.

      Recall that in addition to Lisa and Mickey, Catherine also brings up the 8-year-old Denis. She lives in Paris with their children. A few days before the show she staged a dinner together with the heirs, designer, Yulia Yanina and her daughter Darya, which deals with international relations Yanina Couture fashion house. “Great night in great company. Well, that Denis vacation started tomorrow and not have to get up at 6 am!”, – Ekaterina said.

      By the way, recently Lisa Peskov said in his interview about why getting an education abroad. The girl regularly ask about it in social networks. Currently Lisa is studying marketing in one of the French universities. According to the successor of the famous names, foreign University is a great opportunity to learn more about the world. Peskov believes that familiarity with the European way of thinking will help her become an expert in the field of international relations. Lisa Peskov struggling with a chronic disease