Lisa Galkina won the hearts of the children of the stars

Лиза Галкина покорила сердца детей звезд
A four year old daughter Pugacheva made a lot of friends from famous families.

Lisa Galkin and Amelie Revva

Photo: Instagram

The daughter of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin — a four-year lease
— is not only an Instagram star — girl became the leader of the children’s secular
“hangouts”. Alive, curious, kind and funny baby girl, I love almost all
child actors that communicate with each other.

For example, the wife of Alexander Revva Angelica
published a funny dialogue of his youngest daughter Amelie and Lisa. “Lisa, finding a scratch from Amelie, told me not to worry,
before the wedding live! — said Angelica. — Amelie immediately responded,
that, thank God, the bridegroom she already has!” Such arguments forced the star
parents Amelie and Lisa laugh to tears.

Friends Lisa and youngest daughter Yulia Peresild Mary. Girls
met at the fashion show of children’s collection of Valentin Yudashkin, where the two took
part. “Mary sent me a picture of Lisa, said, “Now,
made friends with a very good girl,” says Julia, who herself in this
the day was busy on the set and on the show were not present. — I recognized her at once, and
my daughter absolutely had no idea whose child it is!”.