Lisa Galkin was convicted of a mink coat

Лизу Галкину осудили за норковую шубу
4-year-old daughter Pugacheva and Galkin goes in furs.

Photo: video still/Instagram

Maxim Galkin who has recently published in a personal blog, a new video featuring their children, did not even know where it will lead! It would seem that it was all very innocent: Maxim, Lisa and Harry went to relax cultural. They visited the children’s musical “Mama cat” in the theater. Mayakovsky’s. All were in absolutely love, and children’s emotions Galkin has decided, as usual, to capture on the camera of your smartphone. Then shared with fans in a personal blog.

But, instead, to admire the childlike, subscribers TV presenter “caught” for one detail: 4-year-old Lisa Galkina wearing a mink coat! And this at a time when the whole civilized world refuses to natural fur in favor of faux or even feather.

Maxim and Alla Borisovna has accused that they teach children the wrong values. “Yes, many a time when I used to go to rabbit fur coats, but then the choice was either freeze in the bottle “Cheburashka”, or wear fur. But now it is! And underwear, and incredible baby coats and jackets…”The fans were unstoppable.

Of course, there were the defenders Lisa. They said that the child is not to blame. Others claimed that nothing terrible in this, and may fall behind already from the child. But passions have reached such a degree that Maxim Galkin, who usually pays no attention to the bustle in the comments, have removed this video from his blog.

Galkin understands that in such situations he can’t handle. He recently confessed in an interview with Elena Sever, Lisa and Harry, born with the help of surrogate motherhood, from the early days was doomed to publicity. In the usual case it would be possible to hide from others that the children came to light in an unusual way, but Maxim and Alla Pugacheva such a scenario was from the beginning denied.

“They have an unusual fate, you know? Still, children who came from surrogacy, as a rule, remain anonymous: their environment and future peers will never know. In the case of my children or children of Philip they are already doomed to publicity, that is to discuss it all. Despite the fact that now it is becoming the norm, it still remains anonymous. Therefore, the children so there was never faced with the possible conviction and misunderstandings in their future life.”

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