Lisa Galkin showed the complicated nature of

Лиза Галкина показала непростой характер Daughter Alla Pugacheva raises his father. Maxim Galkin has published a video in which Lisa shows its complicated nature. The girl already knows how to stand his ground, but does so very cautiously.

The daughter of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin 4-year-old Lisa is a real star of Instagram. She has her own account, which are parents and which is followed by 89 thousand subscribers. But most often she becomes the heroine of the rollers, which puts her dad max. Charming girl won the love of Internet users and its immediacy. And in a new video Lisa showed your character, which it is not so simple.

During Breakfast, Lisa watched the cartoon. And when the father decided on something to ask to turn the sound off, she without words, with my eyes just the same, demanded to include it. However, she said because she was eating toast. “You’re an intelligent person, unlike me,” said Galkin.

“That’s better!” said Lisa Galkin father, when he got interested.

Videos that Maxim signed the “sign language Lisa”, in less than a day collected more three million views. Internet users were delighted from Lisa and her manner of dealing with dad. Many believe that Lisa Galkin is sure to be a actress.

“A born actress”, “Very artistic girl, always expressive facial expressions, future actress!”, “Love to watch video of the story with your children , especially Lisa, she is funny, always positive, good”, “Fabulous children You have with Alla, Maxim! Grow into kind, intelligent, with a pleasant humor to the family, so adorable!” – I wrote to the subscribers of Maxim Galkin.

In 4 years the children Pugacheva and Galkina participated in the photo sessions became models for the first children’s collection of the fashion house Valentin Yudashkin. But for Lisa and Harry, it is rather an exceptional case. Most of the time the children engaged in much more serious cases. For example, almost from infancy teach languages – English and French. The choice of foreign languages is not accidental, that these fluent their father.