Lisa Galkin gave advice to his mother

Лиза Галкина дала совет своей маме The daughter of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin Lisa once again impressed the public. The girl, who is not yet five years old, knows what is good for health and gives his mother good advice.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with the children enjoying a well-deserved rest by the sea, where they have rented a Villa for two months. Impersonator and broadcaster periodically leaves home to record the next release of the program or to give a concert, but the rest of the time with the ones you love.

Maxim generously shares with subscribers news from life of leisure, published in the microblogging photos and video. Of course, the shot often get children, they study the surrounding area, just dinner, congratulations dad happy birthday – Galkin celebrated his 42nd birthday on June 18.

So, the heroine was a daughter Lisa, who did not hesitate to the camera, daddy’s phone, told his mother about the benefits of salt water. “Allan complained to Lisa that not going to the beach, Lisa explained why sea is useful”, – has signed a video Maxim.

“Mom, you’re on your way out. Because salt water cures. If you swim once at depth, you get up after sleep and feel like you’re already healthy!” said Lisa Galkin.

The roller is less than a day viewed more than two million users, many posted comments, mostly containing outright delight. Internet-users have supported Lisa and turned to Donna with a request be sure to take advantage of her advice. “Alla, why do you not bathe in the sea? Immediately go to the beach, it’s great fun! Lisa’s right”, “Excellent advice from mommy’s little girl! The mouths of Babes…”, “Educated and loving children, as he worries about the mother,” wrote a follower.

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