Lisa boyars has published a rare photo of grown up son

Лиза Боярская опубликовала редкое фото с подросшим сыном
The actress took the boy to the mountains.

Photo: Instagram

This year the son of Lizy Seigniorial and Maxim Matveeva will be 6 years old. Boy it is not given in school, but I try to fully develop, and, both spiritually and physically. 2 Jan Elizabeth played the last performance before vacation and immediately flew to Austria with the child.

Like any man born in the winter (at Lisa’s birthday is December 20) the actress loves the winter. And since this year the winter was in no hurry to come neither to Moscow, nor in her native St. Petersburg, it was decided to go to the mountains to enjoy a real winter, clean snow and of course skiing.

Apparently, 5-year-old boy, Lisa has decided not to put on the skis, but the sled both dashed off enough. By the way, is not yet clear, went with his family to Austria Maxim Matveev. Usually the stars are located in two cities, falling into any output to each other or do something together.

Usually pair communicates with the help of correspondences, which to others may seem very strange, but for the star of the family are the absolute norm.

“I’m writing to her: “Today, everything is fine. Humiliate people. I bring to tears full of women (approx. ed — now Maxim is removed in the form of a psychologist). How are you?” She says to me: “Fine. I will now seduce young boys!” Here are our dialogues. We really laugh about it”, — said Maxim in one of the shows.

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