Lisa boyars has denied rumors about parting with Maxim Matveev

Лиза Боярская опровергла слухи о расставании с Максимом Матвеевым

In the morning all the Russian media write about a crisis in the family of the daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky, famous Russian actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya and her husband Maxim Matveev< /strong>. It was reported that the couple decided to split, and so as long lives together, and sources close to the spouses claimed that they have would put a point in your marriage, if not dear father of the actress, who encourages her to “guard the family’s honour”. Fans and friends of the family are seriously concerned about the situation, and Elizabeth hastened to reassure them shocking and denied the rumors.

“In the press once again appeared information about our breakup. Once again “unexpected” and totally baseless, fictitious and false from beginning to end” — said Elizabeth.
Boyarsky has also denied recent media information about the fact that they live in the two cities. It turned out that she and her son moved to Moscow, although they have graphics and really intense. Elizabeth told me that at social events with Maxim they do not appear, because they prefer to spend time with the child, and the rings don’t wear because it is “matter”, and both spouses are satisfied with it.
Phew, Atlapa from the heart.

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