Lisa boyar lives with her husband

Лиза Боярская не живет с мужем

Actor Ernst Romanov gave an interview with “Express newspaper” and told not only his family secrets, and the secrets of their friends and buddies.

So, the star of the movie “dog in the manger” admitted that the fate of the Novels settled in the neighbourhood of the Villa of Mikhail Boyarsky.

Male friendship is not started, however, some secrets about your neighbor Ernst know. For example, the fact that the actor’s daughter, Liza Boyarskaya, does not live with her husband.

“My recipe for a strong marriage is: must often be separated. Vaughn Lisa, the daughter of Misha Boyarsky, my neighbour at the cottage, often lives in St. Petersburg, and her husband Maxim is in Moscow. The perfect marriage: we go back and forth, love each other, all the time,” said the actor to the journalists.

We note that recently in the press quite often you could find news about what Boyarskaya and Matveev divorce. But, judging by the stories Romanova, parting there and does not smell.

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