Lisa Arzamasova wrote a letter to Santa Claus

Лиза Арзамасова написала письмо Деду Морозу
The actress spoke about wanting to find new year’s eve under the tree.

Liza Arzamasova


Although Lisa Arzamasova and said this year its 21st anniversary, it is, by his own admission, still writes letters to Santa Claus. However, since from the time of the filming of the popular sitcom “Daddy’s girls” actress had a noticeably “grow up” in her messages, there’s still toys. Growing up, Arzamasova requests for the New year on an intangible, but very valuable “gifts”.

“Dear Santa… do you Remember me? Sorry, long time did not write to you, is overworked, has matured. All year I tried to behave well, help my mom, washing the dishes, trying not to offend anyone. I have not always turned out to be a good girl, but I’m working on it. Wanted as a child, to ask you have a normal material gift, but are unable to come up with — what? Probably all that I would like to, I will give my loved ones — written by Lisa. — Maybe not this year, but then in other years necessarily. And if you do not give, then I myself will give you something to dream about. And if it does not, then “it” didn’t have to… give me, please, in the new year some kind of miracle. Present. To cover head joy, delight, surprise and the realization nice-incredible. I’d like to…”

Incidentally, Arzamasova has the full right to ask Santa Claus about the gifts under the Christmas tree, because she herself in recent weeks have blessed a huge number of people. The actress actively helped the charity Foundation “Starost V radost ‘” to collect donations in the form of gifts for the elderly. Moreover, Lisa personally visited homes for the elderly with performances by: entertained spectators with Christmas songs, dances, and charged them with sincere joy.