Lisa Arzamasova will fall in love with the chosen one much older than myself

Лиза Арзамасова влюбится в избранника гораздо старше себя Numerologist forecast for the future actress. According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, star of the TV series “Daddy’s girls” will meet with a man older than her, as the girl peers uninteresting. Five years Arzamasova can become a mother.

      Lisa Arzamasova became popular at the age of 11, playing the girl-wunderkind Galina Vasnetsov in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”. To 22 years Arzamasova managed to appear in over thirty films, and also participate in performances of the leading theaters of Moscow. About the personal life of a star not much is known. The girl was in love with a colleague from “Daddy’s daughters” of Philip the Pale. However, the romance between them began later, while working on the play “Romeo and Juliet” in which they starred. In August 2013, the year on the finger of Lisa flashed her engagement ring before the wedding but it never came.

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code Arzamasova and made a prediction for its future. According to the expert, the girl interested to chat with people his age.

      “Lisa was born in “the day of the contortionist,” says Clara. Her life code – 358336 – shows that she is artistic and imperious nature. She opened the channel predictor, it is able to see prophetic dreams. With perfect manners and apparent fragility, this girl – he was still the commander. Great hard worker, charismatic and successful, with analytical skills, Lisa is bored with her peers, her precocious intellect causes the actress to reach out to people a lot older than her age. This also applies to men: the same age she’s not interested, when the time comes, her choice would fall exactly on a Mature representative of the stronger sex”.

      Kuzenbaeva said that Lisa is very afraid of change. According to numerology, the actress has to learn to believe in yourself. “Nature in the home she’s complicated, her family is well known. However, it is worth noting that, skypaw and pouring negativity on others, Lisa regrets the behavior and rather running to apologize. She needs a man with great patience who would be able to endure her mood swings and commanding tone,” – said Clara.

      According to predictions of numerologist, five years Arzamasova waiting for take-off career and child birth. Kuzenbaeva advises actress not to overextend yourself. “Lisa it is necessary to pay attention to your health, it she by nature is slightly weak. Problems can occur with blood vessels and the thyroid gland” – suggested the expert.