Lisa Arzamasova talked about his workload

Лиза Арзамасова  рассказала о своей загруженности
The actress shared her daily routine.

Liza Arzamasova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Lisa Arzamasova admitted to his followers that does not have time to implement all their ideas. She asked
question: why is the question in the profession or that she doesn’t know how to organize their time?

“I don’t have time! In this mode, and as home to many
my friends and colleagues. Whether such a profession, or time. Usually my day
accommodates multiple meetings and events to which it is necessary to advance
to prepare. In the car download clothes for all occasions, take lyrics,
some food gadgets and a pillow. A good consider the day when nothing
“failed”, because it is rarely possible everywhere and to do everything at 100%.
Most annoying, when circumstances prevent to be productive: traffic, weather
conditions, traffic delays, meeting partners and colleagues, the objective of delay in the course
events. If everything clicks, then upon returning home, I spend half the night on
preparing for the new day. Build a schedule for the next few months, but
if the schedule at least one cog breaks down, it loses all
and we need to make all calls to reschedule appointments, to adjust the time, —
says Arzamasova. In this
the “military” regime is difficult not to offend colleagues and friends who
were counting on you, planning with you the work or a friendly meeting, and
which is often very difficult to explain the reason for “failure” because
for every it business is the most important for all of us. In all this
famously fit — “awkward to refuse” when you cram into your life
not completely necessary because of the inability to time to say “no” or
skills asking correctly “remove the hands”. And it is very important Much
not to hurt, that is always to be able to drive and walk and Smile
because the unsmiling and lethargic artist no interest. Conclusion: acting
the mode is similar to military or sports. And
if to speak about the desires, it is none of your business to grow to such a level when not
the schedule will determine my life, and I will be able to manage your schedule. But
the level of this every man for himself determines. I to him away. This race
long distance.. to Love someone in this mode, you must…
the condition that is ready to forgive him for “all”, not make this image
life over selfishness, and smile at the levity. I write in disappointment it
today failed, and packing. Flying somewhere”.