Лиза Арзамасова продемонстрировала идеальный пресс The star of the series “father’s daughter” pays to the sport. Fans of Lisa Arzamasova surprised that, despite a busy work schedule, she is ready to abandon the morning sleep and go for a run. Fans were inspired by her brilliant result and decided to follow the example of a young artist.

      Лиза Арзамасова продемонстрировала идеальный пресс

      21-year-old star of the TV series “Daddy’s daughters” Liza Arzamasova successfully developing his career in film and theater. Despite the constant employment, the girl tries to keep in shape and find some time for sports exercises. In order to remain in good shape, Arzamasova ready to Wake up early in the morning for Jogging.

      “The morning of the day you can paint the “urban” gymnastics. Jog along the boulevards or empty, had not yet awakened to the street, and today found a way to exercise in the “rough” urban areas with graffiti decorations. Well, nothing, then the downpour, and came home wet, “wringing”, but the first was more than colorful! And the photos turned out “ringing,” wrote Lisa in the microblog.

      Fans noted that the efforts of the actress are not in vain, and she looks amazing. Pink bodycon sport leggings and crop top perfectly highlighted all the dignity of the figure of a young girl. Fans admitted that slender body actress can cause envy of many, and inspire sports.

      “Lisa, sure! Urgently shed for 32 years and as many pounds – I’ll have to run down the street!”, “I think that when you wear this suit, the legs themselves are beginning to run and jump!”, “Figure cool!” noted fans.

      Not so long ago, Lisa, who used often to change the image in the performances, decided to appear before the public in a rather unusual way. The young actress tried on a black wig-Kare, make-up in dark tones, and the outfit complements with black bracelets. Fans noted a striking similarity of the artist with the famous canadian singer Avril Lavigne. Interestingly, before some fans facial features Arzamasova resembled the well-known singer, but the image of a romantic girl not associated with the rock performer.

      Apparently, the character of Lisa is rather soft and, despite all the transformations and roles in film and theater, she wondered if she could change in everyday life. “Freaked out” on the makeup. I wonder if it will work out I ever “witch”? Not on the screen, not on stage, but life, in some hard, fundamental situation? If klatsnut teeth? Sparkle eyes … and fly away on a broomstick to the devil,” rasurada Lisa in his microblog.

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