Lisa Arzamasova matured to adults pictures in bikini

Лиза Арзамасова созрела до взрослых снимков в бикини The actress won the admiration of subscribers by the frame of the pool. In the pictures you can see the top of the swimsuit that enhances the bust stars. According to 21-year-old girl, she accidentally had time to swim on the island of Hainan.

      Actress Lisa Arzamasova, remembered by the viewers for her role in the series “father’s daughter”, this year is involved with several projects, so the girl rarely gets free time. If she still manages to take a break between filming, and presentations, she prefers to spend those few hours in the gym or in the pool.

      At the moment Arzamasova has been with the team in the tour on Hainan island. Since the Chinese weather in the region allows you to continue the swimming season, Lisa has decided to take a dip in the pool on site.

      “Cinderella was a good girl and worked hard, and she didn’t have weekends and holidays for a long time, so the fairy godmother allowed her to swim in the pool between morning opening and afternoon viewing. A quickie. Here, thinking: do not place whether, finally, the real photo in a swimsuit? I’m a big girl”, signed the Arzamasova.

      The picture shows members saw modest bikini top that emphasizes the benefit dignity of the figure of the actress. Some users of social networks began to ask Lisa about the second photo in a bikini. “To place! In full growth! You’re awesome!”, “Advertise! Figure class! Nothing to be ashamed of”, “Such a figure is a sin to hide!”, “So cute, and look good,” wrote the fans of Arzamasova.

      By the way, in the microblogging girl do not was previously shots in skimpy outfits. Usually, Lisa successfully picks up the clothes that emphasizes her dignity. The photos of the fitness center, which is visited by actress, can be seen her tight abs as she is in short the top.

      According to the artist, regular exercise help her to feel inflow of forces and energy. “An hour of lessons in the bright sun room for work and buoyant!”, – wrote under one of the frames with workout Lisa.

      For the life of Arzamasova on social networks follow more than 245 thousand subscribers. Periodically, the actress is credited novels with different young people with whom she hugs in the photos. “You know what’s frustrating? It seems that most members of the press don’t know the meaning of the word FRIEND! I don’t have many real friends, but I do know that neither age nor gender have for friendship. The friend is the person who supports you in difficult times and shared with you joy, a friend is person with whom we can talk openly about everything! I do not ascribe to novels with people who are my friends,” said Lisa in one of the posts on the page.