Lisa Arzamasova explained why not make friends with colleagues from “Daddy’s daughters”

Лиза Арзамасова объяснила, почему не дружит с коллегами из «Папиных дочек» The actress is unable to arrange a meeting with former on-screen family. According to Arzamasova, she doesn’t have time to meet with the actors. Currently Lisa is involved in filming multiple TV shows and in theatrical productions.

      Лиза Арзамасова объяснила, почему не дружит с коллегами из «Папиных дочек»

      The theater and film actress Lisa Arzamasova, memorable to viewers of the sitcom “Daddy’s girls”, conquering new peaks. Last year she starred in the TV series “Partner” and “72 hours”, and soon on the screens out “the hornet’s nest” with her. According to the artist, she has very little time for meeting friends and acquaintances, because I need the time to rehearse for the role to go to the gym and pay attention to the charity work of the Fund “an old Age in pleasure”.

      Arzamasova recognizes that she is not obschaetsya with colleagues on the series “Daddy’s girls”, as they parted ways. Lisa saw Kate Starkovoy who played a little Button in the sitcom.

      “After “Daddy’s daughters” it was difficult to maintain a relationship with the guys, even though we owned for so many years, because everyone started their own adult life: study, work, new projects”, – said the actress.

      However, when Lisa meets with former colleagues at events, she is always willing to talk with them and laugh. Many friends often noted that she is very sympathetic and kind, ready to help in difficult situations.

      Recently, the star of “Papa’s daughters” actively sharing pictures from the fitness center on the page in a social network. Fans of the actress think that she looks great and she doesn’t need to exhaust yourself with heavy workouts.

      “I think that I turned out to be a good athlete. Years with 15 I started going to the gym. I even resentfully asked my mom why she had me as a child in the sports section is not given. My mom never came because she even exercises never did. And I love that! And tennis, and Boxing, and skating, and Biking, and just training on simulators. I understand what “muscle joy” and the joy that you did it,” said Arzamasova.

      About six months ago, the 22-year-old star started to upload photos in a swimsuit. Lisa is very shy of such personnel, because they believed that they would have a negative impact on its image. The actress has never been seen in intimate scandals, and never saw the light of day in provocative dresses. As admitted Lisa Peopletalk, she rarely allows himself to fool around.