Lisa Arzamasova complained about the deception of close friends

Лиза Арзамасова пожаловалась на обман близких друзей The actress revealed that she was suffering because of his gullibility. According to Arzamasova, friends often make fun of her, she believes them and then gets upset. Itself star “Daddy’s daughters” never try to lie.

For several years in the film industry, the star of the popular sitcom “Daddy’s daughter” Liza Arzamasova learned to understand people. Many of my colleagues on stage were her friends and in everyday life. Friends say that the actress – an easy-going person, not inclined to be fussy. Kindness is Arzamasova admire many of her colleagues. The actress is engaged in charity, being a Trustee of the Fund “an old Age in pleasure” and providing support to older people.

Arzamasova she believes that in life she is very gullible. The girl admits that this quality is not just played with it a cruel joke. Family and friends make fun of her and cheat.

“Very! Something I have a sense of humor happens from time to time. Guys say that to me is uninteresting to play the first of April. I really believe it! So they themselves in the middle of the drawing have to admit that it’s all a joke, so I really not upset,” he told the star.

According to Lisa, she sometimes had to lie to people. However, the actress tries to avoid such situations. “Trying not to lie, in case of emergency, at least hint at the truth. The worst cheating – loss of trust,” said Arzamasova.

Star actively microblogging social network. She shares with subscribers footage from the shoot shows pictures from the gym, and also talks about their emotions. Her page in Instagram following is about 350 thousand users. However, the personal life of the actress are trying to advertise. About how freely her heart or not, the star reported.

“I guess when you love someone, you accept everything in it, and what do not agree, trying to fix or good to discuss”, – evasively answers questions about beloved Lisa.

Many fans of the star noted that she always manages to look elegant and fresh. “The feeling of “awesomeness” I have often depends not on the clothes, and the mood, state of health, from the events that occur, and even the weather. And clothes, I also love “the mood”. Here I’ve got some friends-designers, who spend so much of energy and positivity radiate as their clothing I have been associated only with goodness and joy,” admitted Arzamasova in an interview, “Womanhit”.