Лиза Арзамасова  призналась, что в детстве хотела стать гримером
The actress will play in the Christmas tale.

Liza Arzamasova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Arzamasova will take part in “Kielce” at “Mosfilm”, which will go on the Russian
“the dream factory” during the new year holidays. This show is already not
for the first year. Oksana Fedorova has been involved in it for several years (but her five-year-old son Theodore for the first time: he, along with my mom appeared in the video
to show). In this family Christmas tale already
were invited such stars as Yana Churikova , Dmitry Khrustalev, Katherine Spitz. And Arzamasova as Stas Doinikov will play it for the first time.

“New year’s performance
“Like a dream” is a wonderful story, says Arzamasova. From
all my heart I wish that dreams come true every. Here in my childhood was a long list of professions for the future. Wanted “to become an actress, and
if not, then a makeup artist, and if that doesn’t work make-up artist, Director, and
if that doesn’t work, then a massage therapist or a pilot”. And as you can see, the first dream has come true… by the Way, I’ve never played in the school theater, from professional. At 8 years old played a major role in the musical directed by Nina Chusova’s “Annie” on stage
Variety Theatre. That happened to me
theatre and film is a happy occasion. But when this miracle happened, I
understand what to do until the next time a happy occasion from
you are not turned away.

To a dream that seems unattainable, became a reality, I have a recipe for each. Should be right tomorrow
Wake up in the morning and say to yourself: “Away, sorrows and failures!” Do not wait
the sea weather, and happy to do what you love. But for me it’s not only work on stage and in films, and activities in the Fund “old Age is
joy.” I first became personally acquainted with the subject of charity, years in
11 when we came to visit seriously ill children at the hospital. I’m friends with a few
charitable organizations. But to become a Trustee only agreed
when was this offer from the Foundation “Starost V radost'”,
because the elderly seem to me the most vulnerable people in the world”