Лиза Анохина и Саша Айс "захватили" штаб-квартиру YouTube
Many young bloggers are trying to conquer YouTube. It turns out that’s not all.

Лиза Анохина и Саша Айс "захватили" штаб-квартиру YouTube

Why popular young bloggers from Russia took part in an unprecedented tour for the world’s top bloggers “EF Say Hello” organized by EF Education First – the largest private education company in the world to tell newcomers of the industry about how everything happens in reality.

In total, the tour was invited 9 bloggers from different countries, including Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy and France.

Representatives from Russia was made by Lisa Sasha Anokhina and ice. A similar tour was organized for the first time.

“I was very pleased with the invitation, says Lisa Anokhin, – as explained by the organizers, I was selected due to the positive and original content to my channel, and soaring popularity among the young audience!”. These facts are not surprising, because Lisa’s famous host, actress and model enables her to share with the audience “behind the scenes” of show business, to show that behind every success hides a lot of work, preparation, and rehearsals. Also recently, Lisa was the first popular young Weiner online – shooting a short funny video on the most relevant and pressing issues for adolescents: relationships with parents, friends, teachers, first love, finding yourself and much more.

Лиза Анохина и Саша Айс "захватили" штаб-квартиру YouTube

Program blogger tour wore educational and entertaining, the participants visited Oxford, Brighton and London, visited EF language camps and made a lot of new friends, and also made an excursion to a place of worship for all the activists of the blogosphere – the main headquarters YouTube.

“We believe that education unites people of different ages and helps them learn not only new languages but also the culture of each other, – commented on the idea of the tour organizers. – The General trend of world culture, contemporary culture, including the development of modern channels of expression and communication, is to unite, unite, mix of styles and genres, the awareness itself, every part of the world community. To be an individual and part of a whole at the same time! Overcoming language barriers, ongoing development and the ability to communicate with a wider audience becomes a necessary skill of modern man”.

EF Education First there in 1965, currently has 52 educational center in 19 countries. Since 1988, the company is a permanent partner of the Olympic games and is the official supplier of language training at the competition in Seoul, Beijing, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, Pyeongchang and Tokyo.

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