Бальзамы для губ с водорослями, ароматы с мимозой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Clay mask-detoxifying with extracts of berry and citrus, purple shampoo and silver conditioner for blondes, spring make-up collection dedicated to Paris and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Collection of lipsticks, Lip Freeze, Giorgio Armani (2 999 rubles)

Line of lipstick and Lip Maestro Lip Magnet has added a new matte palette of twelve shades, including icy pastels, cool red, Arctic orange and frosty pink.


The inspiration to create international Giorgio Armani makeup artist Linda Cantello drew in an icy pastel lipsticks that conquered the fashion world in the 1960-ies. Oil-water based means remained the same (in the lipstick includes light oils, pigments and water which gradually evaporates after application), all feature a white base pigment, the so — called “snowflake”, which is why lipsticks have become so persistent, but maximum light.

The moment statistics: Lip Magnet is four times thinner than a classic lipstick (10 microns instead of 40).

Бальзамы для губ с водорослями, ароматы с мимозой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Clay mask-detox Mask Bouncing Double Dare, Double Dare (2 150 RUB.)

“Why not make self-care fun!” — decided American and Korean scientists, and created the brand Double Dare. The brand already blew up Instagram with their photogenic masks and cute bandages-bows OMG! OMG!.

Mark has introduced another great mask. This time it’s a clay mask-detoxifying with extracts of berry and citrus, it removes impurities and cleanses the pores (owner combination, oily and problem skin will appreciate). For gentle peeling effect answer seeds of pitaya (a cactus called dragon fruit).
Бальзамы для губ с водорослями, ароматы с мимозой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Toilet water Zegna Essenze Eau De Parfum, Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums (18 640 rubles).

The basis of the five luxury (you’ll see why this epithet really is appropriate here) became aromas of bergamot, which meets in the Calabria region in southern Italy. As well as in the creation of fashion collections, Ermenegildo Zegna uses only the best fabrics, for the manufacture of perfume compositions used exotic essences and the finest ingredients.

In Italian Begramot main note is framed by spicy pepper, fresh rosemary, neroli, warm vetiver and rich Tonka beans absolute. Smelling this scent, so imagine James bond in a perfectly Skravena Zegna suit, hand tailoring, a fresh flower on the lapel and a bright silk handkerchief in the breast pocket.

Florentine Iris is just three species of iris, combined with a bright accord of violet, Jasmine and musk. Indonesian Oud sings precious Oud from Indonesia, this Oriental fragrance with notes of wood, roses and amber opens with fresh bergamot.

Mediterranean Neroli — scent vacation, which its citrus and herbal notes on transfers sunshine coast the Amalfi coast.

Madras Cardamom is a spicy bouquet of green cardamom, pink pepper and bergamot. Santos coffee, vanilla and embraced warm and depth to the perfume give Virginia cedar, vetiver and Cistus absolute.

Бальзамы для губ с водорослями, ароматы с мимозой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Revitalizing concentrate radiance of the face and neck treatment is the quintessence of L’essence Lumière, Chanel (33 600 rubles)

In 2010 year, the Director of development of active ingredients research center Nikola Fuzati Chanel turned their attention to the South of France. Here in the foothills of the Alps, grow many medicinal plants. Of the many hundreds of herbs specialists of the brand selected some types, particularly effective influence on the skin. Scientists have developed a real biological station — Botanical and experimental garden.

Stylists-hairdressers are not tired to repeat: to keep the beautiful blonde shade, need him to keep his eyes open, that is, daily care. The American brand Redken just created a new scheme for ultra-cold and ashy blond shades Color Extend Graydiant.

Traditionally purple shampoo and silver conditioner solve two problems at once: toning and neutralizing unwanted yellow. And for strengthening of hair respond to amino acids.

P. S: when using tools is highly recommended to wear disposable gloves if you don’t want to paint in bright colors the whole bathroom.

Collection of Parisian style, Artistry Studio (price on request)

Experts Artistry Studio to invite us to go to Paris with the new collection of Parisian style edition. Romance will help to create a palette eyeshadow pastel-hued Macaroons, similar to the famous French pastries and macaroons. For an evening look — the mosaic City of Lights, inspired by the lights of Paris. And the shade palette of Water Colors repeating colors that can be seen in the impressionist paintings in Paris museums: mint, lilac, pale Golden.

The collection also contains a blush (they are easy to replace lipstick), mascara with the effect of wet gloss, eyebrow corrector 3-in-1 with a comfortable brush with a beveled edge and spray for fixing makeup to this beauty to fix.

Got in line and a couple of interesting tools for the body: shimmering gel jelly for body dry oil spray with lavender water, soap and a multifunctional aromatic “bombs” for bath with floral notes.

Perfume collection Alchemist’s Garden, Gucci

Gucci creative Director Alessandro Michele is confident that certain smells are associated with certain moods and memories. To embody this concept in perfumery, Alessandro invented the “alchemical laboratory”. The name of the collection it is no coincidence that in English the “Garden of the alchemist”. He chose seven notes: Oud, amber, violet, iris, Mimosa, rose and tree, and added to them innovative molecule.

So, the inspiration for the creation of the perfume “Voice of the serpent” was a snake that silently sneaks through the woods, and “eye of the tiger” dedicated to amber — he’s in China symbolizes the soul of a predator, which, after his death goes deep into the earth where then transformed into stone.

Our favorite is “Frosty spring” scent that is fragrant Mimosa, accentuated expressive notes of pepper and musk.

The collection includes seven options toilet water, four kinds of oils and other scented water, the combination of which everyone can create their own individual flavor.

Oil and aromatic water are peculiar only to them. To create a unique plume that like for you, add in your favorite fragrance oil or scented water. Any oil with any scented water from the collection can be mixed with every kind of perfume water, says the perfumer, Alberto Morillas, who has previously worked on the creation of the latest fragrances of the House — several versions of Gucci Guilty and Gucci Bloom).

Бальзамы для губ с водорослями, ароматы с мимозой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Three kinds of flavored water (18 thousand roubles) in white lacquered bottles are reminiscent of old vessels from pharmacies, decorated with an intricate print of roses from Gucci. For the four kinds of oil (31 300 rubles) was chosen grayish-green lacquered glass vials with glass pipette. Candle, filled with the scent of perfume (25 673 RUB) “Virgin violet”, placed in a white porcelain candlestick, decorated with ornate ornaments and real gold.

Бальзамы для губ с водорослями, ароматы с мимозой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

To get acquainted with the flavors already in the “L’etoile” in TC “European” (earlier they were available only in new York Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods of London): there has opened a special pop-up corner of the brand.

Balms and lip cream Nordic Hydra, Lumene (759 RUB.)

The skin of the lips loses three, and even ten times more moisture than the face. On the sensitive skin of the lips promise to take care of the vegan balms from Lumene. A special pride of the brand is almost completely natural composition (from 88 to 95 percent): in this Northern red algae, extracts of Heather, beeswax, oatmeal and canola oil, and seed oil of blueberries.

To choose a balm with a semi-matte finish with a slight pink sheen and familiar to all higienico. Moisturize, they are the worst beloved “Carmacs” (tested personally by the editor).

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