Лионель Месси стал рекордсменом, получив шестой раз “Золотой мяч”

Лионель Месси стал рекордсменом, получив шестой раз “Золотой мяч”

2 December 2019 in Paris was held the ceremony of awarding the “Golden ball”, which identified the best football player of the year in Europe. The winner was the team captain of “Barcelona” 32-year-old Lionel Messi. He won the award six times, which makes it a real champion in this sport.

The event took place at the Paris théâtre du châtelet, Messi at the ceremony came not one, but almost all members of the family. In the support group was the player’s wife Antonella Rocuzzo and two sons Thiago and MATEO. Year-old son, the family decided to leave home with a babysitter because the child is too small for such noisy celebrations. Messi with a nice family posed on the red carpet, giving autographs.

Lionel received the award and made a speech in which he said that he feels at the moment. Footballer sadly acknowledged that he understands how old he is and end his career very closely, so such rewards are insanely important right now. He also promised that the last few years that he would devote his career will be spectacular. Celebrity sincerely hoped to be able as before to the enjoyment of the game, opponents and their families.

After the ceremony, Lionel night posted a photo with the award on the social network Instagram and thanked all who were involved in his victory. On Messi immediately showered with comments of congratulations. Post left seen not only by fans, but other celebrities of football. For example, the sixth “Golden ball” the man congratulated David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. By the way, the last player is a regular opponent for Messi, on account of his already five Golden balls. Maybe Cristiano will soon catch up with his opponent.

A separate post on his page published Victoria Lopyreva, which is an Ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. She showed a picture of his child and admitted that he named his son in honor of the great football player Messi.

The woman wrote that one day her son will ask why he wears that name and who gave it to him? And she will proudly be able to tell about the great footballer, who earned six Golden balls. Most importantly it highlighted the fact that many say that Messi is not the same, he got tired and forgotten, but the 5 letters of his name is still constantly flashed on the tabloids. And yesterday, the award says that Lionel really is a genius, the great and best player.

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