Linkin Park stopped performing after the suicide of lead singer

Группа Linkin Park прекратила выступать после самоубийства вокалиста

Iconic rock band Linkin Park has interrupted his speech after the unexpected death of lead singer Chester Bennington. Speech in particular goes about the cancellation of the North American concert tour. The decision has been made. Representatives of the group reported that the organizers of the concert company Live Nation, which, in turn, notified the public.

Live Nation, dedicated to the band Linkin Park, released an official notice on behalf of the musicians. It says that colleagues of Chester Bennington incredibly saddened by his passing, and in this connection I wish to cancel North American tour Linkin Park, organized in support of the album One More Light. The organizers noted that the cost of the tickets will be refunded at points of purchase.
However, Linkin Park has a schedule of performances, scheduled throughout the year. It planned several concerts outside of North America. But while the performances are not canceled or perhaps this will be announced a little later, when the group will depart from the loss of its permanent leader.
Recall, 20 July, 41-year-old Chester Bennington has committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in Palos Verdes near Los Angeles (California). The legendary singer was exactly repeated the suicide of a close friend of Chris Cornell. He survived his friend three months. Near the body Bennington found an unfinished bottle of alcohol, traces of drugs in his blood is not detected. The musician left without a word, leaving a suicide note. So the causes of suicide are the family and fans of Chester have to just guess.
It is known that Chester Bennington has long suffered from problems with drugs and alcohol. He repeatedly said that all the pain transmits through the music. Singer even said several times that he wanted to commit suicide. The frontman of the band Linkin Park, there are six children from two marriages – four relatives and two adopted.
Rock band Linkin Park was founded in 1996. The team six times was nominated for the prestigious music award “Grammy”, half the group received the award. Linkin Park has released 7 Studio albums which sold a total circulation of 70 million copies.