Линдсэй Шукус получила статуэтку «Эмми» после расставания с Беном Аффлеком

The guest list of awards “Emmy” came the ex-girlfriend of Ben Affleck Lindsay Sukus. The American television producer found the right way in order to cope with the unpleasant event she focused on the work and got results.

Линдсэй Шукус получила статуэтку «Эмми» после расставания с Беном Аффлеком

Lindsay received a statuette Emmy for producing a Comedy show “Saturday night live”. On the red carpet, the star has come to one, although in the last year enjoyed the company of Ben. Despite the loneliness, Lindsay proudly received the award and said thank you. She clearly enjoyed the evening and hopefully about Afflek not remembered. For her obtaining the statues became a very important event, because it like, six times nominated! However, to get the statue up to this point it failed.

And why is Lindsay broke up with Affleck? Says the insider, the alcohol. “Ben addiction ruined their relationship. He was very drunk and was not ready to create a real family. Lindsay didn’t want to participate in this circus and to cover such personal problems in the media. Especially in difficult times, when Affleck on the heels went to the paparazzi. She does not like too much attention, so did everything to get rid of it”, — told about the separation of the pair insider.

It seems that your girlfriend has affected Ben and he immediately decided to go to a rehabilitation center. As reported by news portal TMZ, garner was persuaded Affleck to go to rehab to combat alcoholism. Did this ex-wife of actor because of the pictures, where Affleck appeared with bottles of alcohol. Communicate with children in a state of intoxication garner will not allow, so treatment will be long.

Garner not against Affleck after a divorce. 45-year-old actress helped her ex-husband in a difficult period. When he was treated for alcohol addiction in rehab, every day she visited him and supported. “Everything looked very positive. Jennifer took a lot of care and they both wanted to make things right,” continues the insider. He added that Affleck is now on the road to full recovery, because he is very care about their health and working on them.