Линдси Лохан расскажет всю правду о русских олигархах
The actress decided to benefit from his failed relationship with Tarasovym.

Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov


As it became known,
controversial actress Lindsay Lohan began working on a new project. At
to reports, she is going to make a TV show about Russian oligarchs. This
information appeared on the website pagesix.com.

Lindsay, which this summer will celebrate 31 years, said:
now she is busy writing a script for a new show and admitted that
persistently working on it almost every day. Besides, Lohan is considering a
the opportunity to speak not only in
as the screenwriter of the project, but to play in it a role, and perhaps even
and become the Director of the show. Most of the right information, the actress expects to collect in Moscow, which is going to arrive this year. As Lindsay says, she found some informants have already promised to provide all the necessary information.

Who, exactly, Lindsay chose
as the characters for his project, not yet reported. But we already know,
she will bypass the story of his romance with boyfriend Egor Tarasovym, whom the media declared the son

Recall that the relationship
Lindsay Yegor, whom she was going to marry, ended terrible
scandal. Lohan said at the time that Tarabanov cheated on her, and then,
when she made a scene, tried to strangle her. And later Lindsay accused
Tarabarova still in the repeated
beatings. Moreover, the actress claimed that she single-handedly
paid for the apartment they rented together. However, Tarabanov
categorically denies that has ever raised a hand to her friend and stated that he never lived at her expense.