Lindsay Lohan will have to answer in court for unpaid debts

Линдси Лохан будет отвечать в суде за неоплаченные долги

Perhaps a love trouble actress Lindsay Lohan behind, but financial problems are not yet over. Last year a former driver 29-year-old celebrity Edson Ricci sued her in court, claiming she owes him more than $ 30,000. In the past year, Lindsay never bothered to pay off the debt and now again goes on trial.

Линдси Лохан будет отвечать в суде за неоплаченные долги
In the lawsuit Edson indicated that he had signed an agreement with Lohan, according to which served not only the actress but also her relatives and even friends and business partners, and in which the artist was obliged to make payment in a timely manner.

The driver was sent Lohan invoices for their work from 21 August to 23 October 2012, for which Lindsay he had to pay 43900 dollars, but she felt that the amount of 17,500, which she sent him the cheque, will be sufficient to satisfy the driver.
In addition to driving responsibilities Ritchie from time to time paid Lindsay stay in hotels, and this duty is Lohan never returned to him. In total, the actress has a young man 36 674 50 dollars. The court to be held next week. I wonder will the new Russian boyfriend Lindsay on the debt, or it will have to deal with their financial problems on their own.

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