Линдсей Лохан ответит за клевету в суде

Idyll Lindsay Lohan Egor Tarasovym ended before it began. Over the past two days, the actress has become a real newsmaker, telling the press and fans from three shocking antics of his chosen.

Yesterday the bride a Russian businessman has shocked all the fans stating that, firstly, Egor cheated on her with “Russian prostitute” designer Daria Polevskoi, and secondly, she was pregnant from him, in the third place, the actress said that Tarasov tried to kill her.

Those who believed the words of Lohan, made a little mistake. As it turned out, accusations of treason Tarabarova – no more than slander, for which now, Lindsay have to answer.

Relatives of the girl with whom Egor allegedly cheated, denied the words of the actress.

“Man, unfounded and unfairly accusing my daughter needs to bring her to publicly apologize. I believe that this behavior of Lindsay Lohan, famous for its scandalous actions, should not be taken into account and it is not permissible to disgrace our family,” wrote mother Daria Antonina Posevkina to the editor Spletnik.ru., adding that she was going to go to court and to compel Lohan to take responsibility for their words.

And that was it, Lin?


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