Lindsay Lohan will be the first time mom

Линдсей Лохан впервые станет мамой Media reported that the actress will give the Russian boyfriend of the baby. Lindsay Lohan from last year is Dating Russian businessman Yegor Tarasovym. The actress shared the happy news with my dad.

      Линдсей Лохан впервые станет мамой

      After Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan began an affair with 22-year-old Russian businessman Yegor Tarasovym, the name of the actress became increasingly flickering in the gossip columns. About the relationship of the artist and her lover became known in March of this year. Now, apparently, Lindsay will give to the beloved child. She announced this to his father Michael. Lohan sent dad a text message, in which he shared with him the good news.

      “Dad, I’m pregnant,” wrote Hollywood star.

      However, no details of Lindsay to reveal until it was even parents.

      More recently, fans were discussing the crisis in relations Hollywood actress and a Russian businessman. Just recently, the girl has made a sensational confession – her beloved was trying to kill her. Friends, family, and many fans of celebrity was concerned for the life and health of Lohan. Star screamed that he no longer loves her boyfriend and asked him to leave.

      “He tried to strangle me! He almost killed me! I pray, please help! Let everyone know about it! You have no right to do that. You have repeatedly raised your hand to me and wanted to strangle me. You’re a damn psychopath! You need a doctor! I don’t love you anymore. It’s over, get out of my house!” – through tears shouted Lohan than frightened all the neighbors who eventually called the police.

      And shortly before this outrageous incident, the actress was jealous of her lover to another woman. She was convinced that Yegor is cheating on her with designer Daria Posevkina. Lindsay’s condescending attitude to the fact that her lover never came home last night and chalked it up to his age – a few years ago, Lohan herself was quite windy. Lindsay Lohan slept with everyone in Hollywood

      However, apparently, the girl settled down and even decided to be an exemplary hostess. For a wealthy boyfriend she decided to show all their culinary skills and please the beloved delicacies of own production. She personally went to the supermarket to choose the food and household stuff. A trip to the store Lohan captured in his microblog. Fans were happy to know that Lindsay not only busy with work, but also brilliantly addresses economic issues. Especially now, when publishing Page Six reported on the imminent appearance of the child the couple.

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