Линдсей Лохан хочет завести детей и написать книгу

Almost every girl during his bachelor life says that wants to become a mother, having met “the one” radically change their views. It happened with Lindsay Lohan.

The actress, who last few years was not the most exemplary behavior, having become acquainted with the son of the Russian businessman Egor Tarasovym, revised its Outlook on the life and thought not only about marriage, but about kids.

On the eve of its 30th anniversary, Lindsay gave an extensive interview to Vanity Fair magazine, where he shared his plans and spoke about how she relates to their past mistakes.

For the next ten years, Lohan has already come up several projects that wants to implement. “To be in a movie, write a book, start my own charitable Foundation, to work more with children. Maybe even soon to have one of my own – after I finished working on several films. As you can see, this list and family creation, the birth of children.

By the way, if in the future the children will be Lohan to question her about the details of her wild youth, the actress will tell unvarnished, and noted that they had made a lot of mistakes that can’t be fixed.

At the end of the interview Vanity Fair red-haired star admitted that he has no regrets: “I wouldn’t call it “regret”, because I can’t turn back time. But I guess if I could be in the past, I would be more listened to his mother’s home early in new York, and more carefully choose his friends.”

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