Линдси Лохан станет мамой Actress Lindsay Lohan has announced its intention to radically change his life. To this end, it plans to adopt a Syrian toddler who needs parental care. But to get married and start a new romance star is not planning.
Линдси Лохан станет мамой

32-year-old scandalous Lindsay Lohan in recent years, known more for his antics than fear. First fans were talking about her addiction to alcohol and love to party, and then there was a loud affair with the son of the Russian businessman Egor Tarasovym. These relationships had to end with a wedding, but turned the sudden separation and mutual accusations. So, the star claimed that ex-lover were her and threatened. Proceedings between them lasted for several months, and now Lohan doesn’t like to remember about that period.

After all the scandals Lindsay decided to completely change his life and settle down. In a recent interview the actress said that in the near future plans to become a mother.

“I plan to adopt a baby. I spent several days in the camp of Syrian refugees in Turkey. There suddenly realized how much I love children. I want to save them. Would like two or maybe four children. But don’t plan to create my own family,” shared the girl.
Линдси Лохан станет мамой

According to Lohan, she finally realized that all these years lived wrong. Now the actress is not attending the cocktail party and the guys found. Much more she loves spending time with friends and relatives.

“I feel good to be one. I’m tired of hanging out with guys. My life was like a circus, the photographers were following my every move. I was very nervous because of this. I have even had bouts of arrhythmia. For the first time in my life I’m not afraid to be alone. I have found inner peace,” he told the star.

Fans incredibly happy for Lindsey, but not sure that the quiet period in the actress’s life will be long. That is why they suggest 32-year-old star to wait a little with adoption, and more time to consider such an important decision.

By the way, in early July, Lohan celebrated another birthday. So important period she decided to go to one of the European resorts, where she spent time in the company of loved ones.

According to the actress, she now travels around the world and rarely in the United States. However, to change the nationality of Lindsay does not intend. Moreover, with the future of the baby she plans to live at home in America.

Despite the fact that in the past few months, Lindsey has fundamentally changed the manner of his behavior, enemies still skeptical about her plans with regards to adoption of a child. In their opinion, for starters the star wants to fully take control of your life and then think about the baby.

Anyway, talking to Daily Mail, Lohan did not discuss the exact timing of adoption. It’s possible that motherhood is still only in the plans of the actress.