Линдси Лохан заподозрила возлюбленного в измене с дизайнером из России Hollywood star accused the son of the Russian oligarch Yegor Tarabarova of infidelity. According to the actress, her boyfriend didn’t come home due to the fact that he spent the night with his girlfriend designer Daria Posevkina. Offended, she avenged the woman in social networks.

      30-year-old actress and designer Lindsay Lohan is a very jealous woman. She constantly thinks of her lover, 23-year-old son of the Russian oligarch Yegor Tarabarova, infidelity. If before the celebrity has preferred to Express his suspicions personally, Egor, recently upset Lindsay told all subscribers of my “Instagram”, of which there are about 4.7 million people.

      Artist published in social networks few posts dedicated to Yegor, in which he accused him of infidelity. Lindsay even knows the name of her rival. Hollywood star know that it’s a friend Tarasova, Russian designer Daria Posevkina. About a woman knows that she was born in Orenburg, and educated in London. It is possible that there is Daria and I met Greg, because he studied in a school of business located in the British capital.

      The redheaded actress was so confident that Egor cheated on her with Pashevkin that, not to mince words, called the woman “a prostitute” and put in the microblog an active link to the page of the competitor. At the moment this account has been deleted.

      Prior to that, Lindsay wrote a post which told, that Egor didn’t come home. According to the actress, blame his age, because she was a few years ago loved to go out and have fun. “I think I was the same in 23 years. D***e time, but it varies by the age of 26-27. Egor, thank you for today didn’t come home. Fame changes people,” Lohan shared with subscribers to your social pages.

      Fans of Lindsay hastened to console her and advised me not to get upset because of some unpleasant situations. “Lindsay, stay strong”, “I’m so disappointed”, “Forget him”, “This man does not deserve a girl like Lindsey”, “break up with him, make a movie, start a new line of clothing, in General, do something that makes you happy”, “Only two days ago, everyone was happy, and you”, “He is wrong and don’t do that” — they wrote in the comments to the posts of the actress.

      By the way, a couple of weeks ago in foreign tabloids wrote that in a fit of anger, she threw the phone lover in the sea. A quarrel between the lovers occurred due to the fact that Lohan read messages in the smartphone Tarabarova. Journalists believe that one of them was from his female fans.

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