Lindsay Lohan suspected in the new novel

Линдси Лохан заподозрили в новом романе
The actress, was finally filmed, engagement ring Tarabarova.

Lindsay Lohan

Photo: Splash News/East news

A couple of days ago, one of the beaches
on the Greek island of Mykonos was intrigued by the appearance of the young lady,
which identified 30-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan, in the company of a local celebrity – one
of the best restaurants on the island Dennis Papageorgiou. Lindsay and Dennis, located
on the beach, does flirted and chattered excitedly about something, closed on
this is the minimum distance that seemed they are about to kiss.

In this
history there were two interesting moment. First,
as it turned out, it was already far not the first joint appearance of Lindsay with
Dennis in public. And, secondly, the actress was first seen without a wedding
ring, which gave her, apparently, now ex-fiancé Lohan — Yegor Tarabanov. And now the actress
finally took the ring off what many saw as a sign that she finally decided
to put the point in the story Tarasovym.

Although the last time Lindsay and Yegor saw
together for almost a month and a half ago, the official statement on the cancellation
his engagement, they never did. Moreover, the first time the actress has hinted
her quarrel with Tarasovym – not a final severance of relations, but only
temporary difficulty. Even just a few days ago, the actress wrote on
his page in the social network: it still is waiting for Yegor’s apology for his
behavior, and possibly even ready to forgive him. However, this statement caused
the General confusion. After the terrible scandal that erupted in July, when
Lindsay first accused boyfriend of infidelity, and then another, and in an attempt to kill her, it seemed,
it is not the slightest chance for reconciliation for ex-lovers there. However, they never reconciled. Lohan waiting for an apology from Yegor seems to have decided that it
rather, it is time to forget about the wrong groom.