Линдси Лохан снялась в кино после 6 лет перерыва

The past six years, Lindsay Lohan, one gaining popularity with her acting career, run a business and a future TV show. In Greece, Lindsay opened her own club, which became the platform for the filming of the future reality show. But as it turned out, the star is not going to cast a movie and after the big break in the film!

The last film, which starred star, became “the Canyons” in 2013. Recently in the network appeared the trailer for the new film directed by Tiago Mesquita, author of “Double play” called “in the shadows”. In the film, the star plays the first lady, however, what the country is unclear. The President’s wife realizes that her husband is facing extraordinary danger, and hires a private detective. Delving into the case, the detective realizes that it’s not as easy as it seems. In the investigation interfering with the werewolves, and the detective has ties with them. Colleagues Lindsay on the set of steel Charlotte Beckett (playing the detective), Gianni Capaldi and Dominic Madani.

The picture show will be later this year, but an exact release date was not disclosed.

Recall, Lindsay Lohan presented to the fans a trailer for the new reality show on MTV, which became its own club Lohan Beach Club on the island of Mykonos in Greece.

Even in the summer it became known that the actress wants to launch his own show, and now you can see the trailer creations Lohan. “In the past I been through a lot. Some people have become for me a source of problems, when I went to clubs. So why not open your own?!” — says the actress in the trailer.

Lohan Beach House will be the third business project Lohan in Greece: she already owns a night club in Athens Lohan and Lohan Beach House Rhodes on Rhodes. Already on 8 January you will be able to see firsthand how the infamous actress will search for a staff to your club!

“I love the life in new York, but I like peace of mind, which find in the middle East. In Dubai they don’t watch me camera, so I can focus on myself,” previously told Lindsay about life in Dubai.

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